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Mastering Your Client Relationships

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About Andrea

Andrea Salzmann is the founder and CEO of Feminine & Masculine Excellence. She has developed and honed her skills in the past twenty years of work as a body- and psychotherapist, instructor, and seminar leader. She has helped clients from over ten countries by teaching transformational and thriving strategies for more authenticity, wealth, and leadership.

She now works as a  coach and seminar-leader for feminine entrepreneurs worldwide, empowering them on every level to become emotionally grounded, magnetic, and inspiring by uplifting their relationship competence and becoming a true leader in their industry.

It’s her greatest VISION to raise consciousness and mindfulness in all kind of relationships.

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Create Healthy, Inspiring And Thriving Relationships.
Stand Out As An Expert.
Live On Purpose.
Generate Consistent Income.
Make An Impact In The World.


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From 60-80 Hours A Week To 25 Hours A Week!

Before getting Andrea’s guidance, I was a freelance writer and editor, working from home and using the skills I had learned in school, but I was constantly under pressure and irritated with my clients, who would work me like a dog for the few dollars they paid me, always asking me to do “one more thing,” and tie up my time, expecting me to “hold their hand” during their projects. I was stuck doing work that was most of the time boring and joyless, but I felt that I had to do it to make the money I wanted and needed.

Thankfully, Andrea taught me there was a better way—that I could have a niche doing the work I love and make even more money from it. Using her knowledge and support, I made the leap from working 60-80 hours a week and just getting by, to working 25 hours a week, setting my own hours, choosing the projects I want to take, and making more money than ever had before. I now feel like I am living like the professional, successful, happy, radiant woman I have always wanted to be, and everyone around me—from my clients to my family to even me—is getting the best version of me every day. 

— Stacey K., Birmingham, AL, USA.


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